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2009-05-14 03:57:00 by Jezzem

I just redesigned (ha!) my website check it out.


Something new coming soon

2009-04-05 05:19:11 by Jezzem

Coming soon to my website (Atomic Chicken Cartoons): Something new! "Gasp!" (not an animation) "Aw!" But still... Something new...

Also coming soon to my site: something telling you that something new is coming soon... You heard me...

I wouldn't hold your breath

2009-02-27 11:04:07 by Jezzem

I've been meaning to put a new news post here for some time now so here I go...

I just want to let anyone who was wondering why I haven't submitted anything or who was waiting for something new from me (which I doubt there was anyone doing either of those things) that I wouldn't hold your breath (as it says up there in the heading) because lately I haven't been able to do much animation for some reason and when I start I just get stuck and then it just sits there for ages like Kitchen Knife Action 3, it took me one night of solid work to finish Kitchen Knife Action 2 but that was before I had brain surgery and now whenever I try to put in a whole night of solid work I just can't and then I get bummed out and just go and do something else... I could keep going on with more examples and such but basically what I'm saying is that you won't be seeing anything new from me in the way of animation for long while...

Someone PLEASE tell me!

2008-07-07 14:20:49 by Jezzem

Ever since the first time I saw a dvd of a flash series like two or three years ago, I've been searching for a HALF DECENT way to put flash on dvd but I am yet to find one, I've asked just about everyone I can find on newgrounds or on their own websites but everytime I ask they either don't respond, give me a list of programs that only work on mac computers or tell me to get a program that I've either tried and it didn't work or can't find, so could someone PLEEEEEEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET FLASH ONTO DVD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


2008-05-17 03:41:00 by Jezzem

Just writing to inform those that don't go to my website, yet for some reason come to my newgrounds page to stop waiting for me to finish Kitchen Knife Action 3 or BYOB or Ben n' Grace (I'm Lost Without You) until I tell you I'm working on them again, which I will do, I have NOT abandoned any of my projects, but they are suspended. And why? To give us (me, Ben and such) some more time to work on Kyle: The Movie. Those other projects were starting to get in the way, and if you were to read the script you'd agree with me (seeing as how we've got like eleven pages written and no character design for the nightmare clown.) So until that's finished or is in the final stages of production or we give up I won't be working on any of the projects on my site. But I'll still be updating it and you can still watch the other animations I've got there or you can go to the kyle movie website up there where I previously put the link or you could go there using the link at the end of the sentence. Yep, this one...

full-colour publish on demand?

2008-01-17 20:55:52 by Jezzem

Hey, I'm putting together a book and was going to put it on cafe press but it has graphics and such do it really needs to be in colour so does anyone know where you can publish a book the same way cafe press does but in full-colour?

Also, I have some pictures of my head after my brain surgery, to see them, click here

Ok, so, as of today! I officially have a proper domain name!

yep, that's the one! And the website has a new layout and such so go look at it! Also, my email is now


2007-10-08 09:17:06 by Jezzem

well hellooooooo there!

I'll soon be moving my website to a new host and a proper domain name! YAY!!! Sometime around friday with a new layout and stuff. So check back here around friday for updates!


2007-10-02 07:32:58 by Jezzem

Hello's everyone's!

Work on Kitchen Knife Action 3 is going well, I'll be taking the photos soon (yes the backgrounds are still photos)

but who's This?

also, my website is still here and my store is still here.

<<F^U^N^ ^F^A^C^T^>> the original idea of using a photo as a background for kitchen knife action was to add to the idea that these were two real kitchen knives coming to life and fighting each other while no one was watching IN FACT the knives were originally going to be photos as well but I've always liked the idea of 2D animation over a photo or video.