I wouldn't hold your breath

2009-02-27 11:04:07 by Jezzem

I've been meaning to put a new news post here for some time now so here I go...

I just want to let anyone who was wondering why I haven't submitted anything or who was waiting for something new from me (which I doubt there was anyone doing either of those things) that I wouldn't hold your breath (as it says up there in the heading) because lately I haven't been able to do much animation for some reason and when I start I just get stuck and then it just sits there for ages like Kitchen Knife Action 3, it took me one night of solid work to finish Kitchen Knife Action 2 but that was before I had brain surgery and now whenever I try to put in a whole night of solid work I just can't and then I get bummed out and just go and do something else... I could keep going on with more examples and such but basically what I'm saying is that you won't be seeing anything new from me in the way of animation for long while...


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