Someone PLEASE tell me!

2008-07-07 14:20:49 by Jezzem

Ever since the first time I saw a dvd of a flash series like two or three years ago, I've been searching for a HALF DECENT way to put flash on dvd but I am yet to find one, I've asked just about everyone I can find on newgrounds or on their own websites but everytime I ask they either don't respond, give me a list of programs that only work on mac computers or tell me to get a program that I've either tried and it didn't work or can't find, so could someone PLEEEEEEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET FLASH ONTO DVD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


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2008-07-12 10:21:31

Keep up the good work looking forward to next episode of KKA.


2008-12-23 07:17:37

responded to your comment.

It's super easy man, you don't even need any extra software.

Export as .AVI. Slam the .AVI file into a video editing program(final cute? adobe premiere?) and edit away, then grab Neuro or whatever and BURN IT. Don't even need a video editing program. You can just slam that raw .AVI file into Neuro, play around, experiment.

Keep going, and keep going. Havablast!

Jezzem responds:

I've already tried that but it always lags and skips frames when I export it as a .AVI file


2008-12-23 07:18:25

Gosh December and you're still wondering! Shoulda asked me decades ago!